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Our Philosophy

Burgundy is blessed with a heritage of exceptional terroirs.

The ‘Climats’, granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2015, possess a culture of unequalled richness.

Jean-Jacques Coudray-Bizot practises his craft according to the following vision:

  • work with the vines in a way that conserves the character of the terroir in its fruits and sustains our heritage; the Domaine nurtures this harmony

  • allow the ‘climats’ to express themselves naturally in the wines, intervening as little as possible

  • care and still more care: wine is a living product that is fragile and needs to be cherished with meticulous care and a minimum of ingredients. Scientific rigour allows its natural excellence to develop its ultimate expression.

  • let time take its course, maintain natural rhythms; in contrast to the technological advances that drive immediacy to the beat of a smartphone app, wine is different, it connects us to the earth: for the vine, for the wine, nothing can replace time.


And so … Jean-Jacques Coudray-Bizot likes to quote his grandfather, Doctor Bizot, wine-maker and surgeon at the Hospices de Beaune, who used to say when talking about vines or wine, “you need to hurry up and wait!”

We respect this heritage and allow time to add its own perfection.

" le jardin enchanté" - Manon
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